The Value Determination Process according to the Three Centers

Do you have the impression to lack of meaning, and consistency in your daily activities ?
Are you inspired, called by certain people that you find remarkable, and who push you to go further ?
Evolving towards what inspires you and gives you meaning drives you to determine your values. The Values determination process leads you to identify your values.


1- What are your values
Your values represent what’s most important for you in life, in all your areas of life, professional and personal. This process is derived from the Science of Values, called Axiology, a Science existing for more than 2,000 years, and deepened recently by Dr John Demartini ( in the Demartini Values Determination Process, that we apply here on the 3 centers Leadership model.

Your values are individual, like your fingerprints, they are unique. They are at the foundation of your emotional behavior, they make you react positively or negatively to any situation. Knowing your values, and experiencing them daily will lead you to nurture what’s fairest to you.

Living by your values leads you to your uniqueness, developing what you are made for, and allows you to radiate externally who you really are.


2- The two levels of determining values
There exists two levels to apply the Values Determination Process according to the Science of Values.

Level 1 consists in answering with 3 answers to each of 6 questions (in bold on the picture), then identifying the the most frequent answers, these most frequent answers then are your values.
These 6 questions deal with the following topics : Space, Time, Energy, Money, Thoughts and Relations. In 95% of cases, this fast Level 1 is efficient to determine your values.
If you apply consistenly, every day, three actions that fit into your values, you will feel much more consistency and will feel more and more fulfilled daily.

Level 2 consists to follow the three next steps :
1. In first step, determine your main voids in your life, what you’re strongly striving for.
2. In second step, answer with 3 answers for each of the 13 questions, and extract the most frequent answers, these are your values.
3. In third step, compare your values and voids, you will then align your current direction with your deepest desires.

This deeper level 2 process allows systematically to determine your values and align you mission, as well professional as personal, with what drives you. You will then be aware of actions to put in place to act consistenty.


3- What do your values bring you ?
Beyond your internal clarification, and as a consequence your internal well-being, your values develop your assertiveness, the confidence that you can have within yourself.
Finding beck your uniqueness will also bring the way to accept, recognize and put value on other’s uniqueness.
Your emotional system being based on your values, instead of suffering from external vents, you will, step by step, evolve towards the capability to master your emotions, whatever the situation or external event.
Your communication skills will also improve by your own capability to identify and communicate in other’s values. Nothing is more important for any individual, whoever this is yourself or the person you’re communicating with, to feel recognized in one’s values.
This naturally leads to high Leadership skills and impact in companies…


As a conclusion, knowing your values allows you to get back to the meaning, the capacity to drive your own life and direction, and thus develop your full leadership unique to yourself.