Expand your unique Essence of Leadership -synthesis

The Essence of Leadership is not a book about Leadership, it’s a Leadership book, inspired by many domains well beyond the business area: psychology, neurology, social sciences, organisation, personal development, sciences… A synthesis of 25 years of research and personal development as well as 20 years in operational experience in various businesses, it demonstrates a corporations approach based on a simple and efficient model, the Three Centres model, expanding a global, entire and physiological Leadership.


1- Values at the heart of the Three Centres of Leadership

The Three Centres represent the three main nervous systems of our physiology, based on the three main cavities of our body. Each centre has a specific internal and external function:

  • The Brain Centre has a main importance in neurosciences today’s researches. With a nervous system of 100 000 billion neurons, it develops internally our Thoughs, and externally our Vision.
  • The Heart Centre manages the whole body functions. With a nervous system of about 40 000 neurons -the size of a rat brain-, it is the most important electromagnetic system, 5 000 times stronger than the brain. Internally it represents our Emotions and external our capability to build relationships with our environment.
  • The Body Centre represents the enteric nervous system that deals with the whole digestive system. Placed at the centre of gravity of the body, it is a nervous system of abot 200 million neurons, of the size of a cat or a dog. Internally it represents our sensations and externally our actions toward our environment.

These 6 dimensions of these Three Centres internally and externally do represent the development of the whole set of our Leadership capabilities. The Three Centres of Leadership thus starts at the opposite of most Leadership traditional models that enforce external models outside ourselves, primarily with external skills.

In order to develop our Three physiological Centres, the key consists to come back to our own values and experience them in our daily activities.

Coming back to our values consists in coming back to our ‘why’, our purpose. The values determination process is a deterministic approach based on the Science of Values, inspired from John Demartini (www.drdemartini.com). Refer to our complete Values Determination Process approach on our Blog on this Website.

Our values are the same in all our areas of life, and allow to expand our whole resources, whatever the area. We will then develop our resources and our real inspiration capabilities, at work and beyond professional spheres. Our Leadership thus becomes complete, from our Three Centres, and becomes inspiring for our environment.

Beyond values, the Three Centres model links our values to our emotional system, and allows to develop the set of our complete resources and inspiration tracks in our 8 areas of life:


2- Our Leadership resonating capacity

We definitely are relationship beings, and need to maintain and sustain this dimension in order to evolve. Sharing and evolution are two universal values of human beings. In order to nurture these universal values, the public speaking foundations are based on body for 55%, heart for 38% and head with 7%. Our civilization has reduced our Leadership impact drastically by focusing mainly on head and mental predominance.

Our communication raises from our body centre, which embodies our « why », our meaning, purpose and values. Then our emotions are carrying our « how », allowing us to adapt to people with relate with, and finally we can share our thoughts and vision with our environment. The communication infinite cycle, represented under a 8 lying horizontally, develops, in addition to our values expression, our capability of active listening. Active listening means perceiving in the person we relate with, beyond his thoughts, his emotions of his heart centre, in order to identify his values.

Several behavioral modeling approaches, like microexpression and microgestures, target to determine the other person’s emotions. This behavioral skills are means, whatever attractive, however not necessary as well as non optimal in terms of Leadership. Our ability to get poised by coming back to our Three Centres will instead progressively lead us to feel values the other person values. We will thus develop the full potential of oour emotional intelligence, leading us to our own power in full authenticity.

The Three Centres resonance is deployed at team level by building a cohesion between different values, visions and vibrations from the team’s different team members. Several approaches are today existing, the key of their efficiency is based on considering each individual values and building congruent bridges and links between them.

The values deployment approach inside an organisation cannot thus remain a Top-Down only approach, neither a conciliation, but on the opposite a co-construction from a complete company organisation.


3- Our Leadership expansion is based on universal principles

Leadership principles are not contained in the business area, or the psychological area. They derive from our way to understand and apply how the universe itself is working on. We do affirm the deepening and applying three of these key principles will lead our Leadership way beyond our expectations.

The universal principle related to the Body Centre means to balance our actions, to understand that there are as many losses as gains in any situation, event and encounter. To evolve means to raise in complexity, and learning to deal with these new layers of complexity.

The universal principle related to the Heart Centre leads to integrate within ourselves the whole set of our personality traits perceived as positive and negatives. Whatever the character trait we do admire or resent in other people, to recognize them within ourselves, by discarding any psychological projection towards them, will empower us, as the psychologue Carl Jung said, in our relationships.

The universal principle related to the Head Centre develops our capability to reach any of our objectives, through focus, vision and the fundamental elements of the Law of Attraction. The real elements that work, guiding you to your perseverence and influence.

Apply the Essence of Leadership in corporations lead to develop a global approach combining Leadership and performance, simultaneously, at all levels:[


In conclusion, the Essence of Leadership is a unique opportunity for each Leader in a company to develop his Leadership approaches, operationnaly, with direct results.



François Durnez is an international speaker, business coach, consultant and trainer.

More than 18 pragmatic exercises propose a progressive development as well as 20 schemes and hundreds of references guide the reader to strongly evolve to develop his own Leadership.

Complementary pragmatic video and exercises are available on the web site www.essence-leadership.com. Find as well the key book elements of the book « l’Essence du Leadership ».