Inspire an executive astronomical Vision !

Very few corporations visions are truly inspiring today. Both within the company, and outside. Some rare outsiders have showed us a breakthrough way, such as JF. Kennedy by choosing to go to the moon, or ML. King by having a reuniting dream.

Such a vision requires to develop an astronomical level of understanding, in both time and space, as well a combination of neurology left and right brain hemispheres.

Applying these concepts leads a leader, a team and a company to build a truly inspiring vision leading to uniqueness and, as a consequence greater engagement, contribution and results.


1- Where is mankind really heading towards?

To see where manking is going, let’s start by clarifying where we’re coming from. Going back 300,000 years ago, we can find some first evidence of form of art. Not quite yet a culture, which is linked to the division of classes and agricultural age, but a first evidence of men living together. Men were then isolated to where they could walk, in a group easier to defend against nature and external elements.

Then men gathered in larger groups, in tribes, larger communities, townships, then cities, and finally states emerged around 4,000 – 5,000 years ago. Then nations, and global states… Man is now heading towards higher space and time organizations.

However, cultures keep raising, expanding and disappearing. The previous great civilizations have brought evolution, and disappeared in profit to new ones, like our civilization is just as well temporary.

So we’re heading towards space and into depth of the sea. In our lifetime, there will be people on Mars. We will then colonize space, starting by Mars, then our solar system, then going towards other solar systems, and our galaxy, and further galaxies.

When we know how to endure radiation, we will adapt to solar radiation. We ar ecurrently studying to build DNA repair system, like bacteria adapt. There is a radio-denso bacteria that can endure space, can live on meteorite and cosmic dust and survive in space, we’re taking genes, and integrating them into species, in order to change the genetic code and thus adapt to space.



If we look into space, in few centuries from now, we’ll be able to recycle meteorites, take energy from gravity, maybe start interstellar travel, manage and transform minerals, build new economic systems, transport elements directly by quantum teleportation,  make other solar systems habitable to human being… It’s coming, it’s a matter of only few centuries. Human beings are designed to explore, and they’ll manage earth, then solar systems.

If we look into matter, we progress on particle accelerator every decade by a factor of 10, we’re investing billions of dollars on it. We’re currently creating 3D printing products, materials, and food. If we can understand matter, we can create anything we want… And we’re getting closer and closer to the infinitesimal minimum quantum size, which is called the Planck’s dimension. When they get there, mankind will be able to take anything apart and create anything they want.

Our frontier is today space. We research experiments to teleport life forms: what is it in micro organisms, identify any molecule, and molecular teleportation. Today microbes eat toxic waste, change atmosphere, transform rain into water… We can now imagine teleporting microbes into another planets to create atmosphere there…

Dr John Demartini ( who inspired me for this part, says that « our job on earth is a training center for building people ready to handle stars ». We’re training humanity to be able to manage stars.


2- Making it real for people today

Having dreamt on how it can look like, it’s now time to make it happen at a corporate dimension level. Whoever you are in your organization, from Operator level to CEO, the question is: « how do you create, contribute and progress towards such a vision ? » The answer is to follow the next three steps approach, individually as well as collectively.



Step 1- Expand your understanding of and connect to your dreams.

By broadening our understanding of how the universe works, you will be able to connect to a much higher vision in space and time. This helps you also to re-connect to your dreams and biggest voids, what you’ve always been looking for.

Most physicians have voids concerning health in their childhood, for them or their relatives. For sportmen, voids turn around overcoming perceived physical limitations. For business leaders, this also drives towards a higher contribution in a specific field, something that was perceived missing.

Step 2- Find your unique talents, services and products by answering with today’s world needs and voids.

Your level of service equals your ability to serve the possible evolution of mankind. Serving is not giving. Serving is both giving and receiving at the same level. You give a service and get rewarded at the level of your service value added. Whatever you provide.

  • If you set a too high value for your product or service, nobody will buy your product, service or idea.
  • If you set a too low value for your product or service, you won’t feel rewarded well enough, and won’t deliver higher quality in the future.

In any case, you have to feel a fair exchange of the service you deliver towards the customers you are serving. This will honor your customers, as well as it will do with your own talents and unique gifts.

Step 3 – Build from an higher space and time your 5 – 3 – 1 years vision down to a pragmatic roadmap.

Starting from a 5 years vision allows directly the mind to think and project beyond conventional roadmaps, which can extand up to a few years, not above 3 years. Above 3 years, we can’t really imagine, and then our brain captures new ideas, opens to new possibilities, even more when these are prepared with higher space and time visions.

Then, from these 5 years, going back in time to 3 years will allow to build back how we were 2 years ago from 5 years. This backward in time approach allows to progressively build back an inspiring vision, from 5 to 3 years, then from 3 to 1 year.

At 1 year from now, what’s you’ve built from the 5-3-1 year process will lead you to have an inspiring vision from the future, brought back to reality.

This approach can be declined for your services, products, or ideas, in any way, individually and collectively by sharing ideas on board on voting them on the most frequent answers. Then adding visuals, images, phrases that summarize and represent these few words brings more power to your vision.


3- Contributing to an exponentially accelerating evolution

When we look back 150 years, when there were no cars, no computers, this looks back prehistorical age to us today. Just 25 years ago, when looking at the best Science Fiction movies of the moment, like ‘Total Recall’ or ‘Return to the future’, these appear quite old and awkward compared to which technology we refer to nowadays…

Today’s evolution is accelerating. People translate this by stating that they have less time to do what they want, in fact this is not true, they have the same amount of time, but the intensity and density of activities they have to perform in the same amount of time accelerates. This follows the tracks of the acceleration of technology and related access to data and information.

So in 150 year from now on, and our today age will look even more prehistorical than 150 years ago. To get a glimpse of it, our thinking process will be able to control everything, Mars will be an industrial extension of planet Earth and soon an extension for population, you’ll be able to buy land there and build for future generations.

This leads us a a special tribute to industries and organizations that are striving towards space, whether is this is the NASA heading to Mars program:, or the consortium of Airbus-ESA-Safran building Ariane 6 rocket for a more powerful access to space:

However, if, from outside, we dream from it, these programs take decades to make it to the end, the perseverance and keeping on line is key to succeeed in it !



A way to sustain this perseverance over time, the vision can be enhanced with related litterature and references, such as some books or movies. Movies have this strength to provide inspiration. Nothing to see with ‘masses out-of-reality’ movies such as Avatar, Armageddon or again Total Recall. This is for diverting people, with a lot of action, and doesn’t serve our purpose here. If we look at movies, from fantasist ones to real ones, we can get inspiration to share and expand impact over teams, such as :

And what if, like 99.5% of the business activities, you are not directly or indirectly contributing to space industries ? For you, your team, your organization, studying and progressively designing, and sharing such a vision drives you to a higher level of impact, whatever activity your business is doing. If you’re in industry, or services, you’re providing to your customers a way to fulfill a better life or perform a better business.

If you products, services and ideas are sold, it means they are useful to your customers, bringing them into a better level of well being and thus performance, so your business does, in some way, contribute to a higher level vision.

This depth of vision can be built in successive levels and impacts, the higher the level of impact, the higher and more inspiring your vision.

And if you consider that an activity is no eligible, let’s just remember that today’s rocket science advanced knowledge and practice we do have is also due to the german study and development of V2 Rockets during World war II… We don’t know what we don’t know particularly applies to working on deeper vision levels.


In conclusion, focusing on an astronomical vision opens ways to have a much bigger impact, providing more meaning to your activities and your environment.