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Essence Leadership

Transform your teams!

Since 2011, we support companies, leaders, managers, executives in their transformation towards performance from a 20+years experience in every international service and industry sectors.

Providing further meaning to activities

Improving your productivity

Tapping into collective dynamics

Reaching higher performance levels


Transform your organization towards cultural performance!

Deeply transform the culture to deploy a continuous improvement learning dynamics raising from your organization’s uniqueness

“Who does not progress every day, regresses every day” Confucius


The full engagement at the heart of success!

Leveraging the physiological engagement of every individual: 10% extra engagement leads to 25% extra productivity.

“The only way to do a great job is to love what you do” Steve Jobs


Making your organization

Developing your inspiring leadership and activate every team’s will to daily transcend itself.

“Be the change you want to see.”

A unique success approach: Transform – Engage – Inspire

Essence-Leadership will help you start from the uniqueness of your culture and organization to increase its performance. The Essence of Leadership approach aims at physiological commitment in accordance with values, vision in action. in concrete terms we will help you transform your business in a viral way by engaging the energy of your teams from the inspiration of each leader.

Who are we

About us

We are giving the best of ourselves to co-develop in a completely involved partnership with your teams a leadership pragmatically anchored within the activites. Exceed your objectives while operationally sharing consulting, coaching and training  for an immediate buy-in on each team’s stakes in order to grow in afacilitation and autonomy!

François Durnez

Essence-Leadership (Durnez Consutling brand) CEO

IFCEO President 

MEDEF-AFQP Operational Exellence Prize jury