Organization Cultural Transformation Workshop

What does make a company successful? Is this the individuals, the teams, or the organization itself?

And what if it was the three of them, in a consistent way?

Two experts for several decades, Bjorn Ekelund, psychologist passionated about teams and diversity, founder of the diversity icebreaker ( and François Durnez, engineer, expert in intrinsic Leadership and Organizational development (, have built two complementary models on consistent approaches.

The two approaches -Team DiversityIcebreaker(c) and Essence of Leadership intrinsic Leadership consistently do combine to build a complete approach that will drive organizations to the next level.




The result has been shared and experienced with an international and cross cultural team in Paris on the 8th February 2016.

Bjorn has been facilitating the DiversityIcebreaker(c) approach to consistently build more efficient teams with the Blue/Red/Green perceptions. Going elegantly through the 5 stages of understanding individual position, dividing into equilibrated groups, discovering perceptions within and between each group, and finally learning from this experience how to integrate these learnings into our activities. At the opposite of ‘putting’ in boxes people, the Blue/Red/Green (Structure/Relation/Creative) model opens minds and team internal understanding, openness and thus quality of activities.

François has been presenting and leading to experiencing the physiological intrinsic values through the 3-centers model. After having defined their own internal values, the participants have shared them in pairs, guessing and reading the values of others and realizing the impact in quality of presence, communication and efficiency. He then introduced the different organization maturity levels, and how individual intrinsic leadership, as well as team sharing intrinsic leadership, is innate and a key element inside evolved organizations



An co-development approach has then been practiced with the different participants, leading to identify and nurture the key elements to pursue in order to bring a higher contribution to corporations.

The key elements led to the following ideas:

  • Evolve from a ‘one-shot’ seminar (DiversityIcebreaker(c) one-day seminar) or Essence-Leadership few days training towards a sustainable support over time: not only further sessions (1 day, of few others), but most important ‘micro-auto-coaching’ proposals or ‘short next steps proposals’ to maintain the dynamics over time.
  • Find commonalities between Blue/Red/Green to Body/Heart/Head 3 centers models, to reinforce both models with complementary approaches
  • Propose to transformation approaches to combine Essence-Leadership and DiversityIcebreaker(C) more often in order to engage leaders and their teams in a simpler way.

Going beyond change management towards Cultural Transformation with DiversityIcebreaker(C) and Essence Leadership are key for change management, coaches, organization and strategy consultants as well as managers and leaders inside organizations.

Next steps lead to building a complete cross-individual-team-organization approach based on Blue/Red/Green – Body/Heart/Hand approach. Let’s keep in touch !

Bjorn & François